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AI has been making rapid advances, and even if we choose not to use AI, it touches our lives in many ways.

Over the years, AI models have become very complex. Some of the models have more than 100 million parameters. If we use such a complex model, it is hard to explain how the model arrived at its results.

Why bother about model interpretability?

If we use AI to solve a problem like recommending products to customers or sort mails based on postal code, we do not need to worry about the model’s interpretability. But if we are dealing with decisions that impact people in a significant way, we not only want the model to be fair, but also the able to explain the decision-making process.

I recently read a book on stock picking. The book on value investing, exhorted the readers to be aware that good stock is not the same as a good company. Over the years, stock-picking books have become a genre in themselves.

Investors trust passive equity funds

I always like to see how a well-formulated argument fares against the data. In this case, the data shows that despite the accumulated knowledge of more than a century and availability of information, the art of stock picking is not doing that well after all.

Centelon is a 4-year-young organization focusing on IT Services and Products, with a presence in Australia, Singapore and India. With over 130 employees presently it’s an employee-owned company. Culturally, we are a healthy mix of being financially conservative (zero debt), aggressive or let’s say bold when it comes to actions taken and mildly socialistic/informal in our general approach.

Being appointed as the CEO 1.5 years back we had some clear steep goals to be achieved over the next 5 years. Strategies to achieve them were half baked at that point and we aspired to move from a Services company to…

“Do we need a Women’s Forum?” This is exactly how the conversation started when the idea of launching a Women’s Forum in Centelon was brought up by our CEO. The immediate reaction was unanimous and emphatic “No. We are all empowered, and we don’t need a women’s forum to empower us”.

How was then — “Women in Centelon” (WIC) launched?

The answer to that question was a journey involving women in Centelon from different backgrounds getting together to continue the conversation. While some with several years of experience already felt empowered, so did others with fewer years. …

Centelon IT Solutions LLP

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